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Summary of people-oriented universal communication system

Background of the Invention
The communication system has advanced from simple telephone to a variety of media and services. Many services such as caller ID, auto attendant and interactive voice response are available. Cellular phones provide an even more convenient tool for mobile communication. Internet has become an important area of communication. However, the current communication system is mostly a location-oriented system.

Although several existing methods are used to overcome some of the limitations of the location-oriented system, there is a need for a people-oriented universal communication system that accommodates the versatile communication needs. On the one hand, technology can provide the capability for a variety of communication media. On the other hand, the current system is not able to create a large enough demand for multimedia communication and related services. This is partially responsible for the downturn of the communication industry. Today we have seen the worsening problems related to Napster, identity theft and email spams, despite some legal and technical measures taken by the industry.

Summary of the Invention
The present invention provides a people-oriented universal communication system. The system can be easily integrated into existing telephone network, wireless network, and the internet. The system can provide people-oriented communication and services with reliability, security, efficiency and convenience.

The system not only enhances the services currently available in the communication industry, but also opens up a huge market in other related areas such as e-business. Therefore, a significant user demand will be created for the communication industry. It enables various devices to work together to improve the efficiency in our business, government, and personal activities. The most affected sectors include telecommunication, computer software, retails, and finance. The affected market in the Unites States is estimated at $284 billion a year.

In contrary to common beliefs, the people-anonymous feature of the internet is causing the security and privacy problems since some privacy-eroding methods (social security number, birth date, motherís maiden name, etc.) eventually are used to identify people in a networked economy. The people-oriented communication system provides both a people-oriented component and an anonymous component to the network, preserving the security and privacy.

Benefits of the Invention
There are many benefits derived from the universal communication system. Here is just a partial list:

Reliability, built-in redundancy of physical networks;
People-oriented, communication at any places;
Paid distribution of copyrighted materials over the internet;
Unified communication for different media and devices;
Extensive services and new market such as e-business;
Transparent to the users;
Easily adapted to current system;

Graphic illustration of the Universal Communication System

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