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Acroscape: Innovative ideas


Acroscape develops innovative ideas with technological, economical and social significance.

We live in a world with many problems: war, crime, poverty, disease, congested traffic, environment pollution, energy shortage, to name only a few. We human beings have made great achievements in improving our life. However, today is still a time in need of a few good ideas.

Our philosophy on problem solving is to look at the problem from different perspectives and search for a global solution.

We perform theoretical, computational and experimental research. We use a theoretical approach to investigate the possibilities, a computational approach for modeling and simulation, and an experimental approach to actually verify the concept.

More than a century ago, Thomas Edison invented the electric light bulb to light up the night, something we take for granted when we flip a switch. In 2001, independent inventors took home about 10% of the patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. However, independent inventors are the sources of the majority of the revolutionary ideas. In fact, 73% of all inventions that have started new industries have come from independent inventors. Well-known examples include the telephone, the airplane, and the copy machine.

Today, a new era of invention is coming with the advancement in computer and information technology. Knowledge cross-linking. Virtual experiments. New concepts. New economy.

Acroscape, founded by Dr. Hengning Wu in 2001, is among the new species of invention business. They are the pioneers in search of a new continent. The ideas today will be translated into new products for companies, high returns for investors, job opportunities for workers, and above all better life for mankind.

Acroscape is located in Northern Virginia, the high-tech valley on the east coast of the United States.


   Technology Update

An inventor's vision for America

Proposal for U.S. Constitution

The Second Stage of Mobile Platform

An Invention Lab Proposal
An organization innovation for fundamental technologies.

New Mode of Surface Transportation-Autoway
Autoway is a necessary complement to address traffic congestion and air pollution in cities.

People-oriented Universal Communication System
Uphone and a people-oriented universal communication system will start a new era of communication and personal computer.

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